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SNOWLIKE studio works in three main areas:

  • Ski and Snowboard lessons for everyone who wants to learn to ski and snowboard or improve their technique;
  • Art training - art courses and lessons for children, teenagers and adults, as well as art training for preparing a creative portfolio for applying to art majors in universities.
  • Art Gallery - art lovers can buy paintings from us or order a portrait or painting.

The mission of SNOWLIKE studio

The mission of our school is to educate young people with qualities necessary for modern life:

  • creativity;
  • creative abilities and skills of visual expression;
  • preparation for future professional development in the field of creative professions such as: architecture, interior design, graphic design, animation, game design, product and industrial design, fashion design, fine arts, painting, graphics, illustration, textile art and other arts;
  • harmonious development of the student's personality;
  • love for sports and developing skills specifically in skiing and snowboarding and preparing them for mountain skiing;
  • love and respect for nature and the world around us.

Our ski and snowboard training team

Our ski and snowboard instructors are certified instructors and additionally specially trained to conduct training on our winter sports simulators. They work with students with great care and responsibility.

Our art training team

Our art teachers are working artists with teaching qualifications. In art training, they follow the Studio S methodology, which for decades has proven its effectiveness in teaching children, teenagers and adults to achieve their goals in the field of art.

The history of SNOWLIKE studio

SNOWLIKE studio is the successor of Studio S in Sofia.

History of Studio S since 1993

Studio S started its activity in 1993.
It was founded by Snezhana Stoyanova - an artist and educator. You can learn more about her from her official personal website

The school begins its activities with courses and lessons in fine arts for students who want to apply to art schools and universities. Thanks to the hard work and successes of the students, the school has grown over the years. The portfolio of offered training gradually includes the most diverse other art courses such as: animation for children, fashion design for children, icon painting courses, textile art and others.

Snezhana Stoyanova develops a teaching methodology in fine and visual arts, based on the academic principles in the fine arts and the modern requirements of schools and universities for students applying to them.

In 2010, Studio S school included a new direction in its training: courses in foreign languages, courses in mathematics, Bulgarian language and history. These trainings are aimed at students of various levels of education who are about to take matriculation exams, state exams and candidate student exams. The aim of these trainings is to deepen and upgrade the knowledge of the students to perform brilliantly in the exams.

Currently, Studio S successfully prepares prospective students for universities and creative majors all over the world, thanks to the created training methodology.

We have many branches in Sofia and we are planning the establishment of such branches in other cities in Bulgaria.

You can familiarize yourself with the activities of Studio S in Bulgaria from, and you could translate it with Google translator.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Since 2016, we have been conducting ski and snowboard training.
Thanks to the proximity of the ski slopes in the Vitosha mountain - 30 minutes away from Sofia, we have the opportunity to teach children how to ski and snowboard.
Ventsislav Gigov - husband of Snezhana Stoyanova and co-owner of the Studio S business, is an artist-pedagogue and a skier.
His love for skiing is the reason for the creation of the sports department at the school.

Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding

For all winter sports lovers, we offer indoor skiing and snowboarding on our modern simulators. For beginners, we offer lessons on our incline simulator - an endlessly rotating carpet. For the advanced, we offer training on an innovative simulator to practice higher level techniques.

The success of Studio S students

Studio S students achieve high scores and achieve goals.
Here we will mention those that are relevant to the courses we offer at our new Chicago branch, namely the successes in the field of fine and visual arts of our students.

Over the years, we have prepared hundreds of candidate students for creative majors in universities all over the world: America, Great Britain, Denmark, Scotland, France, Holland, Spain, Italy, Japan, etc.
Each year over 90% of our students are accepted into their desired universities.
A large part of them are already active designers, artists, architects, animators and work in world-famous companies.

In all art majors, applications are made with an art portfolio and, in rare cases, and/or with a local exam. The portfolio is the most authoritative request in such an application. During these decades, the Studio S team has made enormous efforts to research the requirements of universities and the various creative majors in them. We have developed a methodology for preparing a successful art portfolio for our students' application, thanks to which they achieve their goals.

Below on the page you will see some of the feedback from our students.

SNOWLIKE studio in Chicago from 2023

By branching out in Chicago, we decided to focus on two of our main training areas - ski and snowboard training and art training. Naturally, we are cutting back on some of our training not applicable in Chicago.
In the end, we can summarize the services we currently offer in Chicago:

  • Ski and Snowboard lessons for everyone who wants to learn to ski and snowboard or improve their technique;
  • Art training - art courses and lessons for children, teenagers and adults, as well as art training for preparing a creative portfolio for applying to art majors in universities.

Ski and Snowboard training

Following the idea of harmonious personality development, we believe that sports are an important part of every person's life and that from an early age we should acquire more skills, master more sports to be healthy, to enjoy nature through every season.

We are in love with the beauty of winter in the mountains and the opportunities it offers us for sports, for maintaining health and for fun and rest from everyday life. We would like to teach more people to ski or snowboard so that they too can experience the pleasure of these sports. We want to teach them indoors with us first - fast, safe, warm and cheaper. And then we will go to the mountains together and take handfuls of health and winter beauty and emotions.

See our trainings on:

Art classes

Naturally, we continue with art training! Art is our love and passion.
Here is what we offer in this area:


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