Art for teenagers

Art for teenagers

Drawing courses - art for teenagers is suitable for children from 12 to 19 years of age.
In the early years of this age period, the academic principles of fine arts can be introduced: perspective, light and shadow, color science. Young artists are gradually mastering all the techniques of painting. At the same time, they develop their creativity, imagination, plastic and figurative expression.
Art lessons include training in drawing and painting, composition and prepare students for their future careers as artists and designers. If they want to apply to universities with creative specialties, our art training will help them master everything they need to take exams or prepare their portfolio.

You can join the art activities for teenagers at any time.

Art for Teenagers
Art for Teenagers

Classes of art for teenagers:

Art class during the school year:

You can choose one of the following groups:

  • MONDAY:      4 pm  - 7 pm
  • SATURDAY:  9 pm - 12 pm
  • SUNDAY:      9 pm - 12 pm


  • Annual fee for 34 drawing days with 3 astronomical hours - 1 fee - $1326 
  • Divided into 2 fees x $750 
  • Monthly fee / based on 4 visits / - $192. When there are 5 Fridays or Saturdays in the month, the fee is supplemented by $48.
  • Daily fee - $65

Absences are not deductible from fees. But you can make up for the missed lesson in any other group when it's convenient for you.

Summer Art Class:

Join us every Monday and Wednesday from 5 to 7 pm for an inspiring journey into the realm of art. Our classes focus on radical drawing and painting techniques, allowing children to experiment and express themselves freely on paper and canvas.

  • MONDAY:          5 pm - 7 pm
  • WEDNESDAY:  5 pm - 7 pm

Summer Art classes start on June 24 and continue until August 14, 2024.

You can join the art activities for teenagers at any time.


  • When paying day by day with pre-registration - $55
  • For 5 consecutive days - $200
  • For 10 consecutive days - $360

Duration and start of art classes

You can join at any time during the course.
Everyone works on an individual program, starting from the beginning.

Art for Teenagers
Art for Teenagers



Electronic application for participation in an art course
Please fill it in if you want to reserve a place in art training.

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art classes for teenagers



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Art for Teenagers


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