Refund Polisy



1) All sessions must be scheduled and paid for in advance. No refunds.

2) 48 hours notice is required to reschedule any canceled session without penalty.

3) Less than 48 hours cancellation notice will result in forfeiture of that session.

4) No refunds issued for any reason.

5) All sessions normally take place rain, snow or shine; however, if due to weather, equipment failure, or other possible occurrences within or beyond our control, Snowlike studio reserves the right to cancel appointments, resolve the condition, and reschedule appointments at the earliest time possible.

6) A $50 service charge will apply to checks returned by the bank for any reason.

7) All paid sessions must be taken within the time frames specified with them. Unused sessions/credits will not be transferred to other time frames/person.

8) If you have any physical problems are limitations, we suggest you consult your physician before entering into any of our programs.

9) If you give us your Visa or MasterCard number to reserve any appointments for yourself and/or anyone else, you authorize us to charge your account for all reserved appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice.

Important note to all Snowlike studio's students:

In addition to the above terms and conditions, we provide the information below to clarify and alleviate any misconceptions regarding some situations that may arise:

1) All programs are for one person only, may not be shared, and are not transferable.

2) 48 hours minimum notice is required to cancel/reschedule all appointments in order for us to have an opportunity to fill your reserved time with someone else.

Please understand that this policy is strictly adhered to. While we do not like to charge people for time reserved and not taken, with less than 48 hours cancelation notice, unless we fill your reserved time, you are obligated to either keep the appointment or pay for the session – as if you had tickets to the theater, a concert, or a sporting event, etc. and last minute had an emergency, got sick, stuck in traffic, had to work late, or the car broke down etc. While we empathize with your valid reasons, as a small seasonal business we cannot be responsible for absorbing the consequences of each individuals personal circumstances. Thank you for understanding.


We always appreciate your suggestions for improving or program along with your compliments.
Please keep us in formed of our our instruction hope your progress on the slopes.
Thank you and happy skiing and snowboarding!!!

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