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Schedule SKI trainings in SNOWLIKE studio in Chicago

Working days on the indoor slope for ski training - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Each group starts at round time. It is necessary to be with us 10 minutes before the training so that we can prepare your equipment with you.

The actual ride is 30 minutes /3 times x 10 minutes with two 10-minute breaks in between/.
These 30 minutes are equivalent to almost a full day of skiing on the piste, due to the many times greater load of training on the simulator.

Ski lessons in a group - only for beginners

  • For children /4-12 years old/ - 3 children in a group
  • For adults /13+ years/ - 2 people in a group
  • For family and friends - 2-3 people depending on their age

Individual ski lessons

You or your child will be alone with the instructor


Levels of learning to master skiing

Level 1 - Elementary
Level 2 - Intermediate
Level 3 - Advanced
Level 4 - Pro

Training duration per level:

Level 1 - Beginner - 12 training sessions in a group or individually

-   4 weeks with 3 training sessions per week;
-   6 weeks with 2 training sessions per week;
- 12 weeks with 1 training session  per week.

Level 2 - Intermediate - 8 individual training sessions

- 4 weeks with 2 training sessions per week;
- 8 weeks with 1 training session  per week.

Level 3 - Advanced - 3 individual training sessions

3 individual lessons at the convenience of both parties or more if you wish.

Level 4 - Pro

You can improve your skiing technique at any time of the year with the intensity of individual lessons you want. We offer a variety of ski training packages. 


See the prices of ski lessons and training packages in the section Price SKI Workouts


Ski training days

Monday Wednesday Friday:
From 03.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. - every round hour

From 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. - every round hour


You can see how things are happening from the VIDEO GALLERY


If you wish to start skiing lessons, please fill out the electronic form from the button below and indicate which time ranges are convenient for you.

We will contact you very soon to discuss the possibilities.

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