Snowboard Simulator for Advanced

Ski & Snowboard Simulator for Advanced

Ski & Snowboard Simulator for Advanced and PRO

Interactive Ski & Snowboard Simulator installed at SNOWLIKE STUDIO training studio is the paramount achievement in their category.

Power loads are controlled by the computer system that recreates actual physical forces experienced while alpine-skiing or going down a ski racecourse.

The Simulator is equipped with power electric drives and a controlling sensors system, which allow it to imitate various snow conditions (normal, slushy, icy) or bumps, train in the 'power' mode (slow-motion power exercises with a handrail), and more.

The system is based on the specially created 3D-engine, which constantly receives data on the skier's legs position and utilizes real-time synchronization algorithms to coordinate the image of the running slope.
The system allows you to ski on an endless virtual ski slope, and move slalom gates around at will. It also provides a variety of slalom and GS courses with time tracking and a finish line. Moreover, there is an additional program that gives an opportunity to create one's own racecourses, pre-setting the gates position on the virtual slope.
This ski and snowboard simulator is designed for people who are not absolute beginners.


Ski & Snowboard Lessons
Ski & Snowboard Lessons


Indoor Ski & Snowboard Simulator for Advanced and PRO

Intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Those who have some experience, but are unsatisfied with their skiing, tend to make critical mistakes that hamper the progress. The right technique is imprinted into their body memory during the classes. Combined with a boost in confidence, it results in a dramatic shift straight away.  

Advanced skiers and snowboarders. Amateur athletes with considerable experience (more than three years), who want to progress in the modern alpine carving technique (especially those who already bought modern equipment sets), improve their technique, learn new elements and maneuvers, and prepare their muscles. Since most of them started skiing a few decades ago, they also need a smooth transition to the principles of carving. Indoor training is the fastest way to achieve these goals.


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