Snowboard training

For beginner snowboarders

Learn to snowboard in a comfortable, warm environment at any time of the year. Prepare for the snow season and the real descents in advance to fully enjoy the snowy slopes.

In the first beginner lessons, you will be introduced to the gear, learn to brake, control speed, balance, edge control and much more by snowboarding - usually around 10 sessions on our beginner snowboard simulator.

In the following lessons, you will get on our advanced snowboard simulator to improve the skills you have started to develop. And you will learn to make turns more and more skillfully.

The trainings are also suitable for children. For children between 2 and 6 years, the lessons of our first simulator are longer. Each child learns at his own pace. That's why we are flexible, we adapt to each individuality. We will offer your child the best program tailored to his particularities.

On our snowboard simulators, you will repeat the same movement over and over until it becomes an ingrained habit. So by going to a real piste, you enjoy your descent from the start, not feeling confident at the end of your vacation when you have to go home.


Snowboard training for beginners in Cicago
Snowboard training for beginners


For intermediate snowboarders

Once you've mastered the basics of snowboarding, our instructors will help you develop the skills you need to become more advanced. You will use our advanced snowboard simulator. You will learn to make turns with a quiet upper body, which will help you be more efficient, use less energy and have better control.
Real real tracks suitable for your level will be broadcast on the screen. The screen follows your speed because it is software-linked to the snowboard simulator. You will follow a real snowboard track with real challenges.

For advanced snowboarders and professionals

Experienced snowboarders will improve and refine existing skills. Get a great workout with bump and incline exercises on real tracks in virtual space. Top racers use this snowboard simulator to train year-round to hone their sensitivity, improve muscle memory, and develop "fast feet" for racing.

You will choose virtual tracks according to your skills. You will experience reality.
You will be able to participate in online competitions with many other snowboarders who use the same snowboard simulators.
Fun! Helpful! Inspirational!

Snowboarders of all abilities will see their skills progress rapidly through these targeted programs based on progressive training techniques. Each lesson will build on previously acquired skills.

Snowboard training for advanced and professionals
Snowboard training for advanced and professionals


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уроци по ски или сноуборд
ski & snowboard training


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