Price SKI workouts

Price SKI workouts

Each lesson includes 3 sessions of 10 minutes each + 2 breaks of 10 minutes each.
30 minutes of skiing on the simulator equals about 3 hours on a real ski slope.
Each lesson starts at round time.

Price of ski lessons for 1 person:

$135 - 1 lesson
$480 - 4 lessons
$880 - 8 lessons

Price of ski lessons for 2 persons at the same time with one instructor - Bring a friend!

$200   - 1 lesson
$720   - 4 lessons
$1360 - 8 lessons


How to take a workout in skiing or snowboarding?

If you would like to learn to ski or snowboard or improve your skills, please fill out the electronic form from the button below and indicate which time ranges are convenient for you.

We will contact you very soon to discuss the possibilities.

ski or snowboard lessons
ski and snowboard workouts


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