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SNOWLIKE studio offers prospective students Art Portfolio classes - help in preparing the perfect PORTFOLIO of drawings for university applications for creative majors requiring a portfolio / architecture, graphic design, engineering design, product design, interior design, fashion design, visual arts, animation, multimedia and others with drawing or portfolio presentation exams/. In addition to the preparation and assistance in the preparation of the drawings for the portfolio, we will also help you with the appropriate layout /digital or paper/ of the portfolio. We also offer an initial consultation regarding your portfolio and the specific requirements of your desired institutes.
The process of preparing the creative portfolio proceeds in the following sequence

  1. Portfolio consultation
  2. Courses to prepare your portfolio
  3. Layout of your portfolio

1. Portfolio consultation

Here we will tell you what a creative portfolio is, what universities expect to see in a prospective student's portfolio, what your portfolio should contain, how it should be formatted, etc. If you already have some drawings, during the consultation we will discuss them and give you recommendations for your upcoming work. The consultation will clarify the entire process of creating your portfolio and you will have a clear strategy for building it.

Consultation duration - 1 astronomical hour.

Price - $170

2. Portfolio preparation course

What will the art portfolio course give you?

In this course you will:

  • You will learn to draw if you do not already have such skills. They are necessary for the preparation of the drawings and designs that we will develop for your portfolio.
  • You will master various painting and graphic representational techniques.
  • You will develop creative, creative projects related to the specialty you are applying for
  • You will develop topics that will prove your creativity and imagination and your attitude to the desired profession.
  • You will receive guidance on learning the necessary software.
  • You will create everything you need for your successful portfolio

How long does it take to prepare your creative portfolio?

The answer to this question depends on many factors - your personal qualities, your diligence and persistence, the number of drawings you have to show, the requirements of the educational institution for applicants, have you drawn before, etc. We can say that you will need at least 160 astronomical hours. But if you are an absolute beginner in the field of drawing, you will probably need more hours. Below you will see the days and times /schedule/ of our portfolio courses.

The visit in one group is once a week. But if you have a little time before the portfolio submission deadline, you may need to visit more intensively for a while - two or three times a week.

Each group is held once a week for 4 astronomical hours, i.e. per month in one group you take 16 hours.
For a school year of 10 months /September - June/ the hours in one group are about 160.

If you have less time than 10 months, then it is advisable to attend this course in two groups for as many months as you need.

When can you join the portfolio course?

You can join the course at any time. Some students decide to pursue creative majors shortly before graduating from high school.
Therefore, everyone works on a program that is tailored to their individual needs and the time they have available. The optimal option is to be able to take a minimum of 160 hours of course, normally or more intensively, depending on the time you have available.

Art classes for Portfolio:

  • THURSDAY:  04.00 - 19.00 pm
  • SUNDAY:      12.30 - 03.30 pm

Duration and start of art classes

The groups start from the middle of September and continue until the end of May.
You can join at any time during the course.
Everyone works on an individual program, starting from the beginning. In that case, you will be on a monthly fee.

Price of drawing courses for portfolio:

  • Annual fee for 34 drawing days with 3 astronomical hours - 1 fee - $1326 
  • Divided into 2 fees x $750 
  • Monthly fee / based on 4 visits / - $192. When there are 5 Fridays or Saturdays in the month, the fee is supplemented by $48.
  • Daily fee - $65

Absences are not deductible from fees. But you can make up for the missed lesson in any other group when it's convenient for you.

Intensive Summer Portfolio Course in July

In July we offer painting every day, including Saturdays and Sundays from 13.00 to 17.00.
If you want to take a deep dive into the creative process and prepare a large portfolio over the summer when you're not in school, this course is for you.
The schedule for the summer portfolio course is 124 hours.
Price - two installments x $990
If you do not attend the entire course and pay for certain days, then the price is determined on the basis of 70 per day.

3. Layout of your portfolio

We can also help you with the layout of your portfolio. Whether it is paper or digital, our specialists will present it in an attractive form. Portfolio layout is an important part of your presentation.
The following will be required:

  • If your portfolio is to be digital, you must send us good photos of your artwork.
  • If your portfolio needs to be original, you must bring us all of your artwork.

Let your portfolio work in the best way for you!
Layout price - $290.

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